Health and Environmental Economics (EEP 145)

EEP 145 is an upper division elective that introduces students to the production and valuation of health with a focus on environmental impacts on health. Students learn to use theoretical and empirical tools to understand core market failures like public goods, externalities, and moral hazard.

As a graduate student instructor for EEP 145, I planned and held two hour-long weekly discussion sections, hosted office hours, and designed problem sets and exam questions. I received the 2017 Teaching Excellence Award for teaching this course.

Workshop for First Time Graduate Student Instructors: Quantitative Social Sciences

The workshop for first time graduate student instructors is an intensive day of instruction intended to prepare graduate student instructors for their first week of teaching. It covers overcoming teaching-related fears, preparing syllabi, strategies for the first day of class, time management, active learning techniques, and challenging scenarios that may arise during class.​

As a graduate student instructor for the workshop, I designed activities for students to actively practice and prepare for their time in the classroom. I modeled good classroom management and incorporated mini discussions about the pedagogical techniques I was practicing during the workshop.